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The Best Hairstyles for Every Workout

Best hairstyle to wear under a helmet. Hairstyles for working out. Best styles for working out.
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Break a sweat.

Calling all athletic girls, we have a hairstyle for you...three in fact! Whether your go-to workout is spin class or a run on the beach, these trendy styles will keep your hair in place while you break a sweat.

For Bikers (and All Helmet Sports): Double-Braids

Double braids keep your hair in place and won't give you helmet head when your workout is over. To style, spray a little texturizing spray for that grip braids need to stay in place. Part your hair in the middle and then use the inside-out braiding technique to French braid the hair back-essentially moving the pieces under instead of over each time. Stay safe and stylish!

For Runners & Dancers: Buns and Top Knots

There's a reason why top knots have been a dancer's go-to style for ages. While ponytails and other styles can stick to our skin and become drenched in sweat, top knots keep everything up and away from our necks and back-perfect for those intense workouts with lots of movement. To style on the go, use your hands to bring all of your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head, wrap the length around your pointer finger, fan out and secure with a hair tie. If there are any stray strands, use bobby pins and little light-hold hairspray to keep things in check.

For Yogis and Pilates Buffs: Low Braids

When you spend most of your workout with your back flat on a mat, you don't want a hairstyle that's going to get in the way. Low, braided ponytails will comfortably fit into that hollow space between your neck and head and when pleated into a French braid, the style will stay flat during every pose. To style, use a texturizing spray to give the braid grip and then braid as usual, securing with a small elastic.

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